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While Keyvan Samini manages his business by day, he transitions into a writer by night. He spends much of his spare time engaging in critical reading and writing. As a person who has obtained both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, he places great emphasis on academia. As a matter of fact, Kevin relishes in moments where he can express his thoughts and opinions. In addition, Kevin believes that being able to read, think, and write well is a person’s ticket to a better future. The ability to digest information, analyze it critically, and arrive at an educated conclusion is a rare commodity today.

In his spare time, Keyvan has written and published a variety of blogs on Medium. Medium is a popular online blog-sharing platform. Once a profile or publication page is created on Medium, a user can begin writing about absolutely anything. Kevin Samini has published a plethora of blogs on the site covering a variety of topics. These topics include leadership in the work place, work ethic, cross-cultural business practices, and many others.

Kevin Samini – Blogs on Medium

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How to Create Radical Innovation By Thinking Differently

There are norms, practices, and structures that make the world understandable and reasonably efficient. Unfortunately, these same structures also stifle the creative abilities of many individuals and businesses.

How to Guide Your Team Through Change After an Acquisition

Acquisitions are often followed by low morale, lost productivity, and conflict between teams due to the fear and anxiety of employees. The speed of successful integrations of newly acquired or merged businesses turns directly on how leaders manage these problems.