About Keyvan Samini

Keyvan Samini is an entrepreneur, investor, and speaker who has founded or invested in pioneering companies.  He has more than two decades of executive and professional experience in the technology, manufacturing and legal industries and has traveled globally to facilitate the creation of joint ventures and strategic partnerships.  As an executive and director, Kevin Samini has overseen corporate growth and transformations in organizations with global operations and has helped to mentor executives seeking to start new companies.

For more than 20 years Kevin has held positions as CEO, President, COO, CFO, Chief Strategy Officer and partner at various companies. Among the fields in which he has been actively involved as an executive, board member or investor are wireless communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, finance, hardware manufacturing, social networking, user-generated content, and legal services.

Keyvan has demonstrated his ability to create strategic growth by helping organizations develop and execute on plans for global expansion.  He has led organizational transformations, restructurings, and acquisitions.

Pitchtime, Inc.

keyvan samini suit bag on roadMember of the Board of Directors – CEO (USA | Asia | Europe)

Pitchtime’s purpose is to empower and help business owners, influencers, as well as content creators. The company’s mission is to create technology that will allow businesses to communicate with audiences through broadcast media as well as a host of digital tools.  

Kevin Samini is the CEO of Pitchtime and ensures that the company stays true to the course of its mission. From financial growth to strategic expansion, Keyvan leads the company’s team in achieving its goals.  He has the responsibility of executing on various strategies, including product roadmap development and corporate expansion.

RFaxis, Inc.

Member of the Board of Directors – President, COO, & EVP Corp. Development (USA | Asia | Europe)

Kevin Samini was a director and executive of RFaxis, a company focused on connectivity technology.  Over a period of several periods, he held various roles at RFaxis, including COO, CSO, CFO, and President.  Keyvan applied operational, strategic and financial skills to grow the company’s global footprint in Asia and Europe. Keyvan oversaw all M&A and joint venture activities. These include consolidations and IPO planning.  He worked in conjunction with a multidisciplinary group of board members to improve corporate culture and align the interests of stakeholders. Keyvan ultimately led the company through its acquisition.

Morfis Semiconductor, Inc.

President, CFO and CSO (USA | Asia)

As an executive at Morfis, Keyvan helped lead the company through its efforts to accelerate development of wireless hardware technology.  He worked side by side with stakeholders to pursue strategic growth opportunities for the company. He developed new business models on top of fundraising transactions. Keyvan developed the company’s strategic partnership efforts and led M&A and IPO activities.

keyvan samini skills looking at moutain

Prior Experience and Education

Keyvan has been involved in identifying and facilitating new and promising high growth companies.  He has helped to mentor executives and companies to successfully raise investor capital and to execute on growth strategies.  Keyvan has been named as a Super Lawyer by Thomson Reuters on multiple occasions, most recently for the year 2019. His legal experience has been an effective resource for companies that he has mentored.

Keyvan holds a Master’s in Finance from Harvard University, an MBA from the University of Southern California, a JD from the Ohio State University College of Law, and a BS in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.